Abroon Azma Padjoh


Abron Azma Padjouh (AAP Co) chemical company, employs experienced experts in the fields related to the oil industry, and focuses on research in the field of compound formulation in three sectors of materials including well drilling and exploitation, acid additives, and drilling cement additives, try to design new materials and optimize them.
In addition, the company has entered into contracts with research centers and universities, research institute of petroleum industry, ripi, and laboratory centers of oil companies, while synergizing technical knowledge at each stage, exchanging information and joint tests to optimize its produced materials based on the type the oil (in terms of API) applies to the oil field and formation under study.
In the drilling sector, materials including inhibitors, suspension breakers, removers, etc. have been formulated.
In the field of oil and gas well acid treatment, most materials are designed and supplied with optimized formulations.
And finally, in the cement additives department, most of the consumables are formulated and supplied in the research and development department of the company.