Abroon Azma Padjoh

Acidizing Additives

Corrosion Inhibitor

corrosion inhibitors protect metals by slowing down the rate of corrosion. It is used in different types of acidizing designs to protect various equipment from corrosion.

Surface Tension Reducer

Surface tension reducers are used to lower the surface tension and the interfacial tension between immiscible fluids and also leave the reservoir rock water wet.

Suspending Agent

Suspending agent is used to prevent the settling of the fines and particles during an acidizing operation.

Iron Control Agent

An iron control agent is used to prevent the precipitation of iron during an acidizing operation. since precipitation of iron causes plugging in the reservoir, using an iron control additive can prevent this failure.

Clay Stabilizer

Clay stabilizers are used to mitigate the swelling and migration of clay minerals to prevent the pore throats from plugging.

Viscoelastic Surfactant (VES)

It is a chemical diversion method. To divert the acid toward low permeable zones in the formation, VES is used as a diverter to improve the quality of an acid operation.

AntiSludge Agent

An Antisludge agent is used to prevent or eliminate the formation of sludge when acid comes in contact with oil during an acidizing operation.


NonEmulsifiers are used to prevent emulsion formation between acid and reservoir hydrocarbon.

Foaming Agent

Foaming agents are used to increase the production rate of a well in different well stimulation operations.

Iron Reducer Agent

An iron reducer agent is used to reduce the ferric ion to ferrous ion to prevent the related damage during acid operations.

Acid Retarder

Acid retarders are used to reduce the reaction rate of acid with reservoir rock.

H2S scavenger

This additive is used in acidizing designs to remove or reduce the level of H2S produced during an acidizing operation.

Corrosion Inhibitor Intensifier

This additive is used as an auxiliary additive along with the corrosion inhibitor additive at temperatures above 200 ˚f to reduce the corrosion rate.