Abroon Azma Padjoh

H2S Scavenger(Powder)


Hydrogen sulfide is a very toxic gas that causes many problems both in the upstream and downstream industries of oil and gas. Exposure to this gas even in low concentrations can cause serious injuries or even death. In addition, due to the acidic properties of hydrogen sulfide, it reacts with steel in flow lines and also in oil wells, causing various types of corrosion and iron sulfide precipitation. During oil and gas sector operations, hydrogen sulfide can dissolve in water as a compound in formation gases, while hydrocarbons, heavy oils, residual oil, and gas tend to have a large amount of this gas. If the time of storage or transportation of such products is long, it will lead to life and financial damages. The conventional method to remove hydrogen sulfide and sulfides from hydrocarbon streams is to use reagents that chemically deactivate this gas.
AAP-HS1 is a powdered hydrogen sulfide scavenger based on zinc ions and can easily remove hydrogen sulfide. This product is not corrosive to iron surfaces. Because the hydrogen sulfide scavenger produced by this company has very small particles (in micro and nanometer scale), the surface area of the hydrogen sulfide scavenger particles has increased, leading to rapid and effective removal of hydrogen sulfide.