Abroon Azma Padjoh

Asphaltene Inhibitor (Dispersant)


AAP-ASD1 is a good inhibitor tailored from the combination of several compounds and special active ingredients, which is formulated to suspend asphaltene deposits. This product is designed to disperse and suspend sediments in wells and pipelines according to the type of oil.
Asphaltene has been introduced as a soluble part with high molecular weight in the composition of crude oil. The structure of asphaltene is introduced as a combination of polyaromatic and polycyclic rings that have alkyl branches and at the same time it contains various heteroatoms such as nitrogen, oxygen, and sulfur and to some extent metals such as vanadium, nickel, and iron. Asphaltene is a polar compound and has the highest molecular weight in the range of several hundred to several thousand grams per mol. Asphaltenes are molecules that are structurally similar to resins and as a result of interaction with them, they change the composition of crude oil. It destabilizes oil temperature and pressure, and as a result, it causes the formation of clots which ultimately leads to the precipitation of asphaltenes. Asphalt deposition is the biggest challenge during crude oil exploitation. When asphaltene is precipitated, a chain of problems arises, such as a decrease in permeability and wetting, changes in the formation, pipe connections, and problems in pumping crude oil to the surface, etc.